All jewelry pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind.  Custom or duplicate jewelry can be made with an added fee.

Art-Deco style necklace.  This stunning piece contains purple glass beads.  It measures 15 1/2 inches.  style: nglp, 01004 $13.95

This Y necklace contains hemetite beads and purple glass ornaments.  style: nydh, 01022 $22.97
Choker necklace with large hematite beads, fire-polished garnet beads, gold beads and pearls.  This necklace looks beautiful alone or with several other single-strand necklaces. style: nhgap, 01015 $17.97
This beautiful choker contains a large antiqued heart pendant, hematite beads, and fire-polished garnet beads.  This is a beautiful piece for both casual and formal occasions.
style: ngbh, 01040 $17.95
This is a triple-strand choker with a blue glass lamp bead as its centerpiece, amethyst and hematite beads.  style: ntsalb, $23.97
This graceful necklace has fire-polished amethyst beads.  It goes beautifully with white, pink, cream or lavendar attire.  style: namb, 01030 $17.97
This necklace has 5 tear-drop crystals, hematite and garnet fire-polished beads. style: nhgdg, 01021  $21.97
This beautiful single-strand necklace has fire-polished garnet beads, gold beads and antique rose beads.  This is another piece that looks great alone or with other necklaces.  sstyle: nrgg, 01033 $17.97
This double-strand necklace workd well with casual or formal attire.  It has fire-polished amethyst beads and freshwater pearls. style: ndspam, 01034 $24.97
This Y necklace works well for any occasion.  It contains gold and garnet fire-polished beads and beautiful charms.  style: nydgb, 01035 $17.97
This great choker has gold and hematite beads in the center, then splits to a double-strand piece containing genuine garnets and gold beads.  style: nghc, 01036 $28.97

This double-strand choker contains genuine freshwater pearls and fire-polished amethyst beads.  style: ndspa, 01037 $29.97
This would be a great prom or bridesmaid necklace.  It has graduated amethyst-bead drops and iridescent beads.  style: ndab, 01038 $16.97
This Y choker-style necklace has antiqued rose beads, genuine garnet and hematite beads.  style: nydhg, 01032 $22.97
Another piece that looks great alone or doubled, this single-strand necklace has genuine garnets and freshwater pearls.  style; nsgp, 01029 $23.99
This is a really fun piece.  The clear grape charms are great for any occasion.  This piece also contains fire-polished amethyst beads.  style: nyad, 01028 $17.97
This double-Y necklace goes with almost anything.  It has fire-polished garnet, gold and onyx beads. style: nygd, 01027 $17.97
This necklace contains three heart charms and has genuine freshwater pearls.  style: npamdg, 10126  $21.97
This necklace is patterned after one seen modeled by Tyra Banks.  It clasps on the side and has fire-polished amethyst beads. style: namtb, 01025 $27.97
This necklace has 5 charms attached to hematite, gold and amethyst beads. style: nhamd, 01024 $17.97

This necklace is patterned after the traditional Elizabethan-style necklace.  The choker strand consists of genuine garnets, freshwater pearls and hematite beads.  The longer necklace consits of a  teardrop charm, geniune garnets, freshwater pearls and hematite beads. style: nezhgp, 01020 $28.97
This nice choker consists of three amethyst drops and hematite beads. style: nhamdg, 01019 $21.97
This is another version of the Elizabethan-style necklace.  Both strands consist of hematite and amethyst beads.  style: nhamds, 01018 $23.97
This turquois-glass necklace is remminiscent of the 1920's era. style: nglg 01011 $10.95
This simple Y necklace has amethyst teardrops, fire-polished amethyst beads and gold and onyx beds.  style: nybam, 01012  $18.97
This Y necklace has antiqued rose beads and fire-polished garnet beads. style: nygad, 01017 $21.97
This necklace has antiqued rose beads, fire-polished garnet beads and gold beads. style: nybga, 01006 $17.97
This necklace is the perfect prom or bridesmaid necklace.  It is a double-strand choker with genuine garnets and freshwater pearls. style: ndsgap, 01007 $24.97
This is a fun green glass bead necklace.  Great for St. Patrick's Day!  style: nglg, 01001 $9.95
This celestial piece has turquoise glass beads and celestial charms.  style: nglc 01003 $13.95
This is a great Gothic-style choker.  It has red and hematite beads. style: nhdg , 01010 $16.97
This great choker has hematite and gold beads. style: nhdg, 01016 $17.97

This is a beautiful choker that has matching earrings.  Both have genuine garnet and large rose beads.  Necklace $27.97,  earrings $7.00,  set $32.45
This is a variation of another necklace.  It has genuine amethyst, gold beads and fire-polished crystals.  $35.97
This simple

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